Stacey M. Rhody

attorney AT LAW
  • Collaborative Divorce
  • Uncontested Divorce
  • Contested Divorce
  • Litigation
  • Allocation of Parenting Time and Parenting Responsibility
  • Marital Settlement Agreements
  • Child Support
  • Property Division
  • Maintenance (Spousal Support)
  • Civil Unions and Domestic Partnerships
  • Orders of Protection
  • Appeals

Post Dissolution
  • Modification of Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage
  • Enforcement of Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage

Child Representative, Guardian Ad Litem, Attorney for the Child
  • Representation of minor children at all stages of a divorce or paternity matter

  • Petition to Establish Paternity
  • Allocation of Parenting Time and Parenting Responsibility
  • Child Support
  • Modification of Child Support

Marital Agreements
  • Pre-Nuptial Agreement
  • Post-Nuptial Agreement

Real Estate (Purchase or Sale)
  • Review Real Estate Sales Contract
  • Review Inspection and request repairs or credit
  • Order and Review Title Insurance
  • Collaborative relationship with realtor, title agent, mortgage company
  • Draft all closing documents
  • Attend Closing 

  • Review Lease Agreement
  • Eviction

Estate Planning
  • Last Will and Testament
  • Living Trust
  • Living Will
  • Power of Attorney for Property
  • Power of Attorney for Health Care

  • File Will
  • Petition for Letters of Office
  • Inventory
  • Closing the Estate
  • Will contests
  • Litigation

  • Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Limited Liability Corporation Agreements
  • Incorporation of Business
  • Bylaws and Minutes
  • Annual documents required by State

DUI/Traffic Offenses
  • Negotiation with the Prosecutor
  • Discovery Requests and Reviews
  • Litigation

  • Appeals to Appellate Courts and Illinois Supreme Court